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Korean film producers embrace Movie Download trend

There is a big Korean presence and influence in the global entertainment industry today. You have probably noticed that many Korean commercial films are achieving global popularity and are appearing on many movies downloading sites. Many of them are now being run in theaters not just in Asia but also in America and Europe. Many viewers are starting to establish an attachment and liking to such movies. And the important fact is that it has been accomplished by Korean producers embracing a global trend – to be able to reach more viewers, and of course, generate more income, Korean movie producers are now turning to movie download sites!

Korean film producers embrace Movie Download trend

Korean film producers embrace Movie Download trend

Back there in South Korea, the DVD industry has always been a difficult one. Sales of DVDs has not been very impressive. It was this fact that opened the doors for movie download across the Internet. To cover losses of film producers from releasing DVD titles, they started offering their films to online consumers on movies downloading sites at least two months post theatrical runs. The movie downloads cost about a fraction of total DVD costs.

At the beginning, this move proved to be smart and profitable. However, as years went by, it was not sufficient enough, especially when movie piracy broke out. Since then, Korean movie industry began sharing the sentiments of most other film producers around the world, especially those in Hollywood.

For the second half of 2009, most Korean film productions would introduce simultaneous showing of movies in theaters and on movie download sites. This fact was noticeable particularly among film premieres. Movie download would already be available even if the film was still being shown in commercial theaters. That was a big shift Korean film history. It is also a pioneering move across the globe.

Because many film producers are not open to doing the same due to income issues. So, this Korean producers’ initiative was a really important move and was certainly monitored by all film production all around the world. Koreans would serve as a model in case to prove that such innovations would surely work. And movies downloading sites were to surely profit from this and ofcourse, the end consumers as well!

At the end, it is certain that online movie download sites will play a big role in the entertaiment and movie industry. Internet today plays such an enormous role, it simply can’t be ignored. Not only that movie download has become an everyday thing, but TV on PC trend is starting to follow!

Analysts have also yet to learn about technologies and concrete measures that would ensure prevention of piracy. The Internet is a much more open venue to film piracy. And so, film producers would also take note of how Korean film producers would address such concerns.

It seems that the future of the movie industry is really dependant on the effectiveness and success of online movie downloads. The Internet is such a powerful media. In the future, there is also a quit possible option that instead of going to commercial theaters, people would just rely on online movies downloading sites to watch movies. This is more possible these days because of the enhanced speed of broadband and the emergence of powerful and attractive home theater systems, which could also be connected to the Internet for online movie viewing.